Chauffeur terms of service guide conduct, responsibilities, and liabilities during the provision of chauffeur services. It is essential for customers to read the terms of service because we use it for settlement in the event of misunderstandings and disagreement between the customer, chauffeur, and we the providers of luxury chauffeur services.

‘Company’ or ‘we’ represent Tazoom Limited while the customer, client, or passenger means a person who books our services. Persons that ride with our customer are also under our terms of service.

1. Recitals

 Tazoom provides a responsible courteous chauffeur to transport a customer. The driver possesses all the qualifications to operate a vehicle with safety and competence according to legislation in our region of operation.

2. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The purpose of this legal service agreement is to ensure proper commitments are in place for consistent luxury chauffeur services.  Our services are covered under this service agreement.

  • We collect and drive our customers to their destination 24/7. 
  • We record all journeys on account of the customer even if the vehicle carries other passengers.  
  • Tazoom Limited is entitled to assume that a person who quotes correct authority details has the authority to make a booking on behalf of a customer. The customer is responsible for safeguarding against the use of the gadgets, password, and identities to prevent such misrepresentation and is liable for bookings cost by such persons.
  • It is our discretion to reject a booking without liability and reasons.
  • Clients who cancel a booking less than 12 hours to pick up time or fail to appear at the point of collection are liable for costs incurred from vehicle assignation to their booking until cancellation
  • Quoted journey times are best estimates. We make the best effort to reach destinations in the shortest time but have no liability if the journey time exceeds customer expectations.

3. Payments

We charge payments that are commensurate to the distance of the journey and other applicable expenses such as parking fee at the point of waiting.  Riding in our vehicle is deemed to be an acceptance that our service meets customer standards. We, therefore, cannot issue a refund after service delivery.  We accept payment by credit and debit, but card issuers are, and transmission of payment service providers control the transaction. We are not a party or responsible for this transaction, and customers should contact the concerned service providers in the event of any problems.

4. Customer representation 

Customers should inform us the number of passengers to accompany at booking time. The chauffeur has a right to refuse traveling with more passengers than those that a vehicle is licensed to carry. Passengers should not exceed the seat belts in a vehicle. Customers should seek advice about the appropriate vehicle to ferry them and their luggage, depending on the number and size. A chauffeur may refuse to carry luggage if it is excess or does not fit safely at the rear luggage compartment and might compromise on safe driving. 

5. Company representations

Tazoom Limited represents and warrants provision of transport will be with reasonable care and set forth for exclusions to this representation.  We give our chauffeurs extensive training on driving and serving customers before assigning the duties. They learn more than traffic rules to incorporate safety, our top priority. They have learned to drive defensibly and never aggressively to make the customer enjoy a safe and pleasant ride. The driver, unless there are specific instructions by the company, will use the most convenient whether the distance is longer.  We do not instruct chauffeur to use a short route if it compromises of safety. We arrange for an alternative vehicle to complete a journey in the soonest time possible if ours breaks down.  

6. Customer conduct

Chauffeurs reserve a right to refuse travel to any person who is a nuisance or danger to other passengers or the driver.   Some of the reasons that could make a chauffeur to deny service include:

  • Drunkenness 
  • Drug abuse 
  • Smoking in the vehicle 
  • Playing loud music live or through electronic media   to a high volume or disturbance that impair a chauffeur from the safe performance of duties

Customer can seek permission for music at higher volume, but we can withdraw the privilege without notice if the sound becomes intrusive.

We will not compensate or refund in such instances and might even charge a cancellation fee to the offending passenger.  We might seek the help of police officer or other security providers at a precinct to remove offenders from our vehicle, and it might be grounds for a lawsuit if the person(s) cause damage or risk.

Passengers can carry small briefcases and attaché cases within the passenger compartment but must exercise care not to damage the interior fittings, leather seats, and other surfaces.

7. Customers indemnify unless the case of company neglect

We keep the standard of our service above the norm to ensure we meet the expectations of all customers. We can reimburse but not compensate a customer for losses, cost, damages, or expenses due to an act or omission by any of us.

Customers and passengers will indemnify Tazoom Limited and hold us harmless against claims and losses due to direct or indirect acts and omissions. Claims will mean:

  • All demands
  • Proceedings
  • Penalties
  • Fines 
  • Liability 

Losses are any type of loss without limitation, including:

  • Legal costs 
  • Damages 
  • Other loss related expenses
  • Financial loss

8. Force majeure

Force majeure in these terms of service means that no party is liable for the inability to deliver services in our agreement with customers because of events beyond our control expects payments.  Some of the event that hinders our service include and not limited to:

  • Order from government and law enforcers 
  • Failure of damage to transport network or utility service 
  • New regulation or direction 
  • Accident
  • Breakdown 
  • Natural disasters 
  • Adverse weather 
  • Driver illness 
  • Preference for a particular route by the customer

We in good faith will not hold of customers liable to booking cancellations due to events beyond their reasonable control. Neither party is liable for delaying or failing to meet obligations.

9. Miscellaneous

Tazoom Limited can subtract, assign, or transfer the rights or obligation under this agreement to another competent party. It includes but not limited to, hiring a vehicle from a third party provider. Customers by not being the service providers will not transfer any rights or obligations without informing and getting into a written agreement with us.

10. Agreement jurisdiction

The agreement between Tazoom Limited and customers or any dispute arising from the terms, in connection or its subject matter, is governed and construed by laws of the country under operation. Parties should exclusively submit to courts in the country of operation.

11. Soiling or damage to the hired vehicle 

We provide safe, clean, and comfortable vehicles, and passengers should leave it in that state. Customers are liable for any damage or soiling to the vehicle caused by them,   passengers in the company, or members of their party at the period of hire.

Soiling in our terms of service is excessive spill and not regular soiling to over mats, to the carpet, water or dirt on soles of footwear.  The chauffeur opens and closes doors. Clients who opt to open doors are liable for any damage to our vehicle or third parties affected by the action.  We will, upon receiving the report, declare responsibility to any third parties affected by the incident. We may charge the client for downtime suffered if the hired vehicle will be out of service for repairs at an hourly rate.

If you any questions regarding terms of service or notice a violation, please contact us for clarification.

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