Online Chauffeur Services in Nairobi

Tazoom, a luxury chauffeurs and vehicles provider, is ahead of other transporters because we provide luxurious comfortable car to fit the occasion in the hands of professional drivers.  

Advantage of Our Online Chauffeur Services

  Full-time access  

Since our services are online, you do not have to worry about business hours. You can access chauffeur services every day for 24 hours.  We confirm your booking for a short moment after receiving your request. You also find the rates quickly even when you are busy at work. You can book in time as short as 12 hours. It is an advantage for frequent travelers who want to make instant transport arrangements.  We use the details of your trip and schedule to arrange your trip matching exact specifications. 

Convenience for quick bookings 

Booking for chauffeur services online is more convenient than making frantic calls at the last minute. It also allows you to see the wide variety of vehicles that we offer and choose the one you prefer. It is crucial when planning your trip rather than get promises of cars that you cannot see.  You will make payments with your credit card to allow you the convenience of not carrying money in cash.  You can also make quick communication by live chat or sending an email. 

Why use our Online Chauffeur Services in Nairobi  

1.Wide variety of services 

We are specialist in chauffeur services of any kind. Provide us your arrangements and we will provide excellent transportation for any occasion, including: 

  • Airport transfers to multiple suburbs 
  • Corporate events
  • Sightseeing  
  • Weddings  
  • Special events

 We have the right package for the service you require because our payment plans are flexible.  You will pay per hour for our vehicle when you need to use it for a few hours. Daily rates apply when you require using the vehicle for a full day or more during longer trips.  The only service with the fixed cost is airport transfer because it is always the same. We pick the clients and drive them to their hotel or homes. The different price plans make our services cost efficient as customers pay only for the time they use our vehicles. 

2. Quality service 

We offer high-quality service from booking to transportation.  We have a well-trained team for attending to customers and drivers. Chauffeurs are the persons who spend more time with the customers, and we ensure they are up to the task. Each has a clean driving record and skilled to drive in different conditions, including erratic weather.  They also have customer relation skills because of impression matters. They have immaculate uniforms with our name and identification badges.  

 The chauffeurs have met all the legal licensing requirements. They know all the Nairobi routes and plan the most convenient for our passengers.  Our chauffeurs are employees of Tazoom limited who have undergone thorough screening and training. We do not hire contractors as we fear that they might not offer professional services to the standard that our customers deserve. 

3. Special treats  

We provide our customers with bottled water and any other light refreshments or newspapers they require. Some require close security team for their VIP or celebrities. Inform us in advance about your particular requirements, and we will fulfill them. 

Nairobi is a beautiful city, and we allow you to explore it without challenges of navigating the roads and traffic. It is even better if you are a visitor because our chauffeurs will take you through the routes where you can see the breathtaking scenery. Their knowledge of the city and outskirts makes them the best guides for sightseeing. We make your payment worthwhile by providing premium quality chauffeur services.