A wedding is a precious moment for the marrying couple and the guest. The couple wants to make the day special and most memorable. Luxury chauffeur services like Tazoom Kenya provide exclusive vehicles and packages for weddings.  

Why hire chauffeur services for weddings 

      1.Variety of vehicle types  

Maybe your vehicle and your friends resemble many others on the road. They will not make a statement when carrying the bride and groom.  Chauffeur services have a variety of vehicles for each occasion and wedding is an area they focus on with commitment. These companies have an extensive fleet of wedding transport cars. They comprise: 

  • Traditional limousines  
  • Stretch limos  
  • SUVs  
  • Luxury sedans  
  • Vintage cars  

You can from the variety choose a vehicle that suits your seating requirements and budget. You can also hire several of the same o different types. For instance, two stretch limos can carry everyone in the bridal party instead of riding in five cars. You can also hire a limo or sedan and one or two SUVs to escort it. 


Chauffeurs services have the resource to make your wedding memorable for you and everyone who will see the bridal party by providing a vehicle that suits the occasion.  The best chauffeur services take the importance of the event into consideration and design their cars with aesthetics that form lovely memories.  They even have immaculate chauffeurs chauffeured by the elegantly dressed chauffeurs to make the occasion look perfect.  Limos provide a touch of elegance and style that makes the day to feel special from the beginning due to the VIP treatment. 


Many people believe that hiring a vehicle from luxury chauffeur services, especially a limousine, is extremely expensive. The reality of calculations is that it might be cheaper to hire if you have several people at the bridal party.  It can accommodate about 8 people in comfort. It reduces the cost of hiring more conventional vehicles. It also solves the logistical problem of finding and paying a fee for more parking slots. A limo can even drop the guests at the venue and pick them up at the time to leave. 


 You can guarantee an exclusive and private ride on the way to a wedding venue by hiring a vehicle specially designed for the occasion. A luxury limo or other customized vehicle for this occasion will have tinted windows and soundproof interior. You can shut the world off and enjoy time alone amid noisy surroundings. 

       5.Background for Wedding photos  

A special vehicle for wedding transportation provides an excellent backdrop for photos that the subjects will cherish for a long time. An advantage of hiring a wedding vehicle from a luxury chauffeur service like Tazoom in Nairobi is that you will get assistance to match the theme colors.  If your theme color is white, the chauffeur will put matching ribbons and flowers in the car.  You can also request matching of decorations with the bridal gown. The can even provide a matching vehicle. 

       6.Guidance for choosing the car size 

 The bridal car should be proportional to the size of the dress. It should be big enough for the bride to fit the dress comfortably. Chauffeur services will before you hire advice you about the car that will suit the style and size of the dress. It is especially important if the dress has a long train. 

       7.Extra amenities 

 A chauffeured wedding car will have a range of amenities that are not in other vehicles. It has ample leg room, complimentary drinks, free Wi-Fi, CD/DVD, and USB. 

 Wedding chauffeurs have the experience to drive and take a dry run to know the route exceptionally well.  Hiring a chauffeured car makes the day fun because the focus is on enjoyment and not wondering about getting to the destination.