In this refund policy the luxury chauffeurs service, company or we mean Tazoom Limited. The customer or client is the person who books our luxury chauffeur vehicle/services. Customers have to make a booking by placing a deposit so that we do not reserve our luxury vehicles for people who might not appear. 

  Situations that cause cancellation 

There are various reasons why customers cancel their bookings. Cancellation can happen: 

 Before departure 

You can cancel a booking some hours before the set departure time. Tazoom, in this case, will deduct an amount from package price but it is less compared to other cancellations. 

 Cancellation after departure  

Some people get a reason to cancel our chauffeur services after traveling some distance. We are fair and will not retain all the booking money, but you will get less than when you cancel before departure. 

Rules of our Refund Policy  

  1. Tazoom Limited is authorized by this refund policy to investigate, process and even adjudicate requests for a refund regarding our terms or use. 
  2. Tazoom Limited has an authority to investigate, process, or adjudicate refund requests for any reason that makes a customer feel that their requirement are unmet under our agreement or part of booking specifications. 
  3. Tazoom Limited undertakes to process refund requests in compliance with existing contractual agreement and consumer protection legislation in the country of operation. We commit to reaching a fair resolution in every circumstance for fairness to customers, our employees, and the company. 
  4. If we agree to refund a full or part of the payment by a customer, it will be through credit or debit card used to make the initial payment. If the payment was not through a card (for example a direct fee deposit into our bank account), we offer customers a choice to receive refund through a bank transfer or turn it to credit for a future booking of our chauffeur services.  Making all refunds is at our discretion. 

 Refund policy 

  • If a customer cancels a journey booking within 48 hours from the start of the period for vehicle hire, 25% of all monies paid are non-refundable  
  • If a customer cancels a booking within 24 hours from the start of the period for vehicle hire, 50% of all the monies paid are non-refundable. 
  • If a customer cancels a booking within 12 hours from the beginning of the period for vehicle hire, 100% of all monies paid are non-refundable. 
  • If a customer does not appear at the designated pick up point at the agreed time, all monies paid are non-refundable.  We send an invoice for the full cost of booked travel to the concerned client. 

No refund conditions 

  • We will not refund for implementing our right not to carry an excess passenger(s) or those with excessive luggage that will result in overloading of our vehicle and affecting safety on the road. 
  • We will not give refunds to customers who terminate their journeys part way through the hire. Full cost is due to the chauffeur and any invoice we issue if the passenger had pre-paid the journey. 
  • We reserve a right to cancel a booking without penalty due to bad weather if authorities like the traffic police, met department and other authorized agencies warn against driving to customers destination. We also reserve a right to cancel a booking if we believe it is unsafe to complete a journey safely.    Customers get a full refund for canceled bookings in these circumstances less the credit card charges but without further compensation.  
  • No refund is due if passengers disembark and fail to return on time or when we exercise our right to refuse passengers affected by drugs or alcohol from boarding a vehicle if they are a safety risk. The decision by the chauffeur or other passengers is final.  
  • We make credit or debit card refunds to the card used in original within 7 days of booking date. We can only make refunds by cheque to the name a customer used during booking. We post it within 5 working days of the original booking date. 
  • No refunds for any circumstances that are beyond our control

Our customers should communicate to us about any refund request in the shortest time possible. We review each case on its merits. 

Also, Read Our Privacy Policy  &  Our Term of Service