Nairobi Nightlife  

Nairobi is a busy city daytime while party mood kicks in the early evening till dawn. There is a crazy nightlife, especially from Friday evening. There are also a lot of entertainment spots with theme nights each weekday, upping the temp on Wednesday and Thursday, so there is no dull night in Nairobi entertainment arena. 

 Best Places To Enjoy Nairobi Nightlife  

Good food makes nights enjoyable. There are many eateries around the busy and quiet areas of the city. The trick to enjoy Nairobi nightlife is going to the people rather than the up market international hotels whose business model is to provide a quiet environment. 


Dormans has been famous for brewing quality coffee. 

Dormans cafés are not old as the establishment that began in the 1950s but it has made an impact with a star-buck style.    Despite the expansion, coffee is still at its best whether it is a cappuccino, iced coffee or hazelnut mocha. The selection of teas is also impressive. 


Alchemist provides a refined side of Nairobi nightlife from food, drinks, and music. It is a large outdoor complex in Westlands area that resembles clubs in London or Berlin. It serves terrific food and perfect cocktails by mixologists.  Those who enjoy music have one of the best nights here due to a line-up of skilled Kenyan and international DJs.  An outdoor lounge area is good for dancing without getting too sweaty.  A food truck on location helps to order for dishes without going indoors.  


Simmers is a legendary bar that serves large portions of grilled meat (nyama chroma in Kenya) amid open-air music comprising of African music. It is a popular place where locals and expatriates party together in a lively setting. 


Mercury Lounge 

Mercury Lounge is a sophisticated cocktail bar with the finest cocktails in well-decorated place with vague retro curves. The ambiance and servings keep the well to do patrons happy.   It hosts theme nights on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday going all the way through the weekend. 

Champagne $ Fishbowls 

Champagne $ Fishbowls provides an upmarket atmosphere of nice dressing, fine champagnes, and other conversation fitting cocktails. It also has a seafood restaurant with abundant of fish straight from tanks endorsed by Veuve Clicquot. Happy hours run from 5-7pm on weekdays. 


Clubs in the city rock because the citizens love to party.  Different clubs represent their name and bran in a different way to entertain their customers and outdo their competition.  However, most have these similarities: 

  • Heavy sound systems  
  • Beautiful décor
  • Cocktail/beer offer  
  • Celebrity appearances

Some host karaoke nights. 

Tribeka club and restaurant 

Tribeka is a favorite and cool fun spot for those who work in the central business district. It is an urban place along the street located on Banda Street in the heart of the city. The club has a lavish VIP section that accommodates 150-180 people. Many prominent names in entertainment and companies launching products have been visitors to Tribeka. 

Mercury Lounge 

Mercury Lounge club stands out because of a chic and sophisticated look inspired by Spanish tradition and a touch of African cuisine.  The location off the highway at ABC Place Westlands is beautiful.   Mercury Lounge is well known for relaxing jazz music during weekdays.  Various Kenyan DJs up the partying pace by playing lively music during the weekend. 

Simba Saloon 

Simba Saloon is a popular club next to carnivore restaurant that neighbors the national park and Wilson airport.  You will have fun here if you love crowds because it pulls in large numbers.   Simba Saloon has a bonfire, several bars, and a video screen.  Revelers fill the dance floor dancing to a mix of African and western music. There are also regular live performances mostly by African superstars. The party goers are wealthy Kenyans, tourists, expatriates, and NGO staff.  

The above are just a few popular places to enjoy Nairobi nightlife, but there are many more for everyone’s touch.