Kenya Chauffeur Services Online

Kenya has many amazing sceneries o for Kenyans and visitors.   All it requires is a convenience to travel to destinations in comfort.  You can reach every place in peace and one piece by getting Tazoom luxury chauffeur services. We are a reliable chauffeur that serves customers at their convenience online until we pick them at the preferred point. 

  Why Should You Hire  

1. Convenient website facility  

Our website is user-friendly for customers to find the type of vehicles and services at our disposal. Everything about us is available on the website, including the rates to enable the customers to make the best choice for their needs.    The site also eases communication because you use the live chat option for instant contact. 

2. Convenient cashless system  

Our online service saves you from chasing down taxis or calling for service that takes long to arrive. You can make a booking from any location, and we will ensure that the car you book will be at your picking point at least 25 minutes before time.  You will pay via your credit or debit card, so there is no trouble of dealing with money.  We will send a booking confirmation message after receiving your payment, and the luxury chauffeur service vehicle will be at pick up point on time. Because our customers do not receive payments in cash, riding in our vehicles is even safer as the driver will not accept or carry some money from payments.  

3. Simplifies vehicle choices  

We display of vehicles on our website. You can look at the various vehicles on offer and reserve the one you like. If your booking is early enough, we will not accept another booking of the vehicle on your chosen day.

4. Combination of technology and experience  

 GPS devices are in wide use, but our drivers have a better sense of direction in Nairobi and Kenya. They have firsthand knowledge of various regions and your destination. Additionally, they have information about issues that might affect your journeys like major road constructions or other events along the route. You will ride in peace without having to shout directions. 

5. Service from well-trained chauffeurs  

Our drivers have the right license and excellent driving record, but more importantly, have got adequate training to provide premium quality service. For instance, they know how to get a bride with a long train to board or disembark from the wedding limo without creasing her gown. The training incorporates customer service skills as well as driving techniques.   We ensure our chauffeurs receive additional training by experts on defensive driving and politely attending to customer needs.  We are a reputable company ready to provide proof of the driver’s qualification on request. 

6. Anticipatory instincts  

We plan journeys accordingly and anticipate likely needs by the customer.   Our thoughtful chauffeurs, for example, will carry umbrellas, tissues, shoe shine cloths, and mobile chargers in case a passenger will need any of them. The chauffeur also ensures that climate control systems are working appropriately so that the passengers do not feel too cold or hot. The route planning also takes the safety, comfort, and urgency of the customer into consideration. 

Tazoom works hard to make travel journeys for our customers as convenient as possible. We provide the same quality of service to all customers whether they book for an airport transfer, event, or sightseeing tour. We will always make your experience memorable for all types of trip