Best chauffeur services in Nairobi

Best chauffeur services in Nairobi 

Nairobi is a beautiful city with many sights to visit.  You will have the best experience by getting the service of a chauffeur company that is familiar with the city. 

Tazoom Luxury chauffeured transport firm that offers the most courteous, elegant, and safe experience when you tour Nairobi. We provide chauffeurs who do not just drive but are there to provide the best service, such as meet and greet or carry your luggage to the door.  We are the best chauffeur services in Nairobi for these reasons. 

     1.A Complete familiarity of Nairobi  

 Our chauffeurs do not just drive, but they know where they are driving. They know the roads that will get you to your destination quickly and safely. They also know about all local landmarks and other places that make Nairobi unique. They have at their fingertips information on upcoming events and best places to have a bite or coffee. Our chauffeur uses scenic routes if you have time to watch sights or use the shortest one if you are going directly to the meeting. The choice is yours.  

     2.Flexible rate  

We charge flexible rates and a different price for vehicles depending on their capacity. You will pay less to use a small sedan and higher for a larger vehicle like an SUV or van. The higher cost for bigger hire vehicle gives you value for money because it will serve your need to transport more passengers. We charge hourly rates for business trips and events. The cost for longer trips or day-long events like weddings is on daily rates basis for making it economical for our customers. 

     3.Quality vehicles  

 We have well-maintained fleet vehicles that are efficient for the journey and comfortable. We do not have cars that keep breaking down, and if it happens due to unforeseen circumstances, we provide a free replacement in the shortest time we can. We keep replacing our vehicles always to have a new fleet. 

     4.Reliable services  

 Tazoom chauffeurs are dedicated to serving the customers conveniently. They show up at the required point and always reach the destination on time.  Punctuality is the hallmark of our service as we take pride in letting the schedule of our clients to run smoothly. 

    5.Safety record  

 We do not take your trust in our ability to drive you around for granted d. Safety is the priority for Tazoom and the chauffeurs. They drive carefully while following all the driving rules. All of them are highly-experienced in defensive driving. 


 Our luxury chauffeur service is for everyone, not just the wealthy. We tailor the services to meets the needs of people across demographics, including the physically challenged. We focus on the customer and provide them with the best comfort when they ride in our vehicle. 

     7.Highly professional staff  

 Our customer relations team and chauffeurs are professional as they deal with the customers.   They are elegant and polite in addressing the customers.  They are also trustworthy and maintain the privacy of any information that gets into their way during communication with a client or the conversations by the passengers. 

Tazoom Limited is a business model that serves the precise needs of the customers. We provide the same quality of service even in the season when we have a higher demand for our services such as during international events or conferences in Nairobi. You do not have to find another service if your journey will at some point involve going out of the city we will provide a vehicle that suits the terrain on the route to your destination. Contact us to make a booking in time short as 12 hours.