Best chauffeur services in Nairobi

Best chauffeur services in Nairobi 

Nairobi is a beautiful city with many sights to visit.  You will have the best experience by getting the service of a chauffeur company that is familiar with the city. 

Tazoom Luxury chauffeured transport firm that offers the most courteous, elegant, and safe experience when you tour Nairobi. We provide chauffeurs who do not just drive but are there to provide the best service, such as meet and greet or carry your luggage to the door.  We are the best chauffeur services in Nairobi for these reasons. 

     1.A Complete familiarity of Nairobi  

 Our chauffeurs do not just drive, but they know where they are driving. They know the roads that will get you to your destination quickly and safely. They also know about all local landmarks and other places that make Nairobi unique. They have at their fingertips information on upcoming events and best places to have a bite or coffee. Our chauffeur uses scenic routes if you have time to watch sights or use the shortest one if you are going directly to the meeting. The choice is yours.  

     2.Flexible rate  

We charge flexible rates and a different price for vehicles depending on their capacity. You will pay less to use a small sedan and higher for a larger vehicle like an SUV or van. The higher cost for bigger hire vehicle gives you value for money because it will serve your need to transport more passengers. We charge hourly rates for business trips and events. The cost for longer trips or day-long events like weddings is on daily rates basis for making it economical for our customers. 

     3.Quality vehicles  

 We have well-maintained fleet vehicles that are efficient for the journey and comfortable. We do not have cars that keep breaking down, and if it happens due to unforeseen circumstances, we provide a free replacement in the shortest time we can. We keep replacing our vehicles always to have a new fleet. 

     4.Reliable services  

 Tazoom chauffeurs are dedicated to serving the customers conveniently. They show up at the required point and always reach the destination on time.  Punctuality is the hallmark of our service as we take pride in letting the schedule of our clients to run smoothly. 

    5.Safety record  

 We do not take your trust in our ability to drive you around for granted d. Safety is the priority for Tazoom and the chauffeurs. They drive carefully while following all the driving rules. All of them are highly-experienced in defensive driving. 


 Our luxury chauffeur service is for everyone, not just the wealthy. We tailor the services to meets the needs of people across demographics, including the physically challenged. We focus on the customer and provide them with the best comfort when they ride in our vehicle. 

     7.Highly professional staff  

 Our customer relations team and chauffeurs are professional as they deal with the customers.   They are elegant and polite in addressing the customers.  They are also trustworthy and maintain the privacy of any information that gets into their way during communication with a client or the conversations by the passengers. 

Tazoom Limited is a business model that serves the precise needs of the customers. We provide the same quality of service even in the season when we have a higher demand for our services such as during international events or conferences in Nairobi. You do not have to find another service if your journey will at some point involve going out of the city we will provide a vehicle that suits the terrain on the route to your destination. Contact us to make a booking in time short as 12 hours. 




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A wedding is a precious moment for the marrying couple and the guest. The couple wants to make the day special and most memorable. Luxury chauffeur services like Tazoom Kenya provide exclusive vehicles and packages for weddings.  

Why hire chauffeur services for weddings 

      1.Variety of vehicle types  

Maybe your vehicle and your friends resemble many others on the road. They will not make a statement when carrying the bride and groom.  Chauffeur services have a variety of vehicles for each occasion and wedding is an area they focus on with commitment. These companies have an extensive fleet of wedding transport cars. They comprise: 

  • Traditional limousines  
  • Stretch limos  
  • SUVs  
  • Luxury sedans  
  • Vintage cars  

You can from the variety choose a vehicle that suits your seating requirements and budget. You can also hire several of the same o different types. For instance, two stretch limos can carry everyone in the bridal party instead of riding in five cars. You can also hire a limo or sedan and one or two SUVs to escort it. 


Chauffeurs services have the resource to make your wedding memorable for you and everyone who will see the bridal party by providing a vehicle that suits the occasion.  The best chauffeur services take the importance of the event into consideration and design their cars with aesthetics that form lovely memories.  They even have immaculate chauffeurs chauffeured by the elegantly dressed chauffeurs to make the occasion look perfect.  Limos provide a touch of elegance and style that makes the day to feel special from the beginning due to the VIP treatment. 


Many people believe that hiring a vehicle from luxury chauffeur services, especially a limousine, is extremely expensive. The reality of calculations is that it might be cheaper to hire if you have several people at the bridal party.  It can accommodate about 8 people in comfort. It reduces the cost of hiring more conventional vehicles. It also solves the logistical problem of finding and paying a fee for more parking slots. A limo can even drop the guests at the venue and pick them up at the time to leave. 


 You can guarantee an exclusive and private ride on the way to a wedding venue by hiring a vehicle specially designed for the occasion. A luxury limo or other customized vehicle for this occasion will have tinted windows and soundproof interior. You can shut the world off and enjoy time alone amid noisy surroundings. 

       5.Background for Wedding photos  

A special vehicle for wedding transportation provides an excellent backdrop for photos that the subjects will cherish for a long time. An advantage of hiring a wedding vehicle from a luxury chauffeur service like Tazoom in Nairobi is that you will get assistance to match the theme colors.  If your theme color is white, the chauffeur will put matching ribbons and flowers in the car.  You can also request matching of decorations with the bridal gown. The can even provide a matching vehicle. 

       6.Guidance for choosing the car size 

 The bridal car should be proportional to the size of the dress. It should be big enough for the bride to fit the dress comfortably. Chauffeur services will before you hire advice you about the car that will suit the style and size of the dress. It is especially important if the dress has a long train. 

       7.Extra amenities 

 A chauffeured wedding car will have a range of amenities that are not in other vehicles. It has ample leg room, complimentary drinks, free Wi-Fi, CD/DVD, and USB. 

 Wedding chauffeurs have the experience to drive and take a dry run to know the route exceptionally well.  Hiring a chauffeured car makes the day fun because the focus is on enjoyment and not wondering about getting to the destination. 

Kenya Chauffeur Services Online

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Kenya has many amazing sceneries o for Kenyans and visitors.   All it requires is a convenience to travel to destinations in comfort.  You can reach every place in peace and one piece by getting Tazoom luxury chauffeur services. We are a reliable chauffeur that serves customers at their convenience online until we pick them at the preferred point. 

  Why Should You Hire  

1. Convenient website facility  

Our website is user-friendly for customers to find the type of vehicles and services at our disposal. Everything about us is available on the website, including the rates to enable the customers to make the best choice for their needs.    The site also eases communication because you use the live chat option for instant contact. 

2. Convenient cashless system  

Our online service saves you from chasing down taxis or calling for service that takes long to arrive. You can make a booking from any location, and we will ensure that the car you book will be at your picking point at least 25 minutes before time.  You will pay via your credit or debit card, so there is no trouble of dealing with money.  We will send a booking confirmation message after receiving your payment, and the luxury chauffeur service vehicle will be at pick up point on time. Because our customers do not receive payments in cash, riding in our vehicles is even safer as the driver will not accept or carry some money from payments.  

3. Simplifies vehicle choices  

We display of vehicles on our website. You can look at the various vehicles on offer and reserve the one you like. If your booking is early enough, we will not accept another booking of the vehicle on your chosen day.

4. Combination of technology and experience  

 GPS devices are in wide use, but our drivers have a better sense of direction in Nairobi and Kenya. They have firsthand knowledge of various regions and your destination. Additionally, they have information about issues that might affect your journeys like major road constructions or other events along the route. You will ride in peace without having to shout directions. 

5. Service from well-trained chauffeurs  

Our drivers have the right license and excellent driving record, but more importantly, have got adequate training to provide premium quality service. For instance, they know how to get a bride with a long train to board or disembark from the wedding limo without creasing her gown. The training incorporates customer service skills as well as driving techniques.   We ensure our chauffeurs receive additional training by experts on defensive driving and politely attending to customer needs.  We are a reputable company ready to provide proof of the driver’s qualification on request. 

6. Anticipatory instincts  

We plan journeys accordingly and anticipate likely needs by the customer.   Our thoughtful chauffeurs, for example, will carry umbrellas, tissues, shoe shine cloths, and mobile chargers in case a passenger will need any of them. The chauffeur also ensures that climate control systems are working appropriately so that the passengers do not feel too cold or hot. The route planning also takes the safety, comfort, and urgency of the customer into consideration. 

Tazoom works hard to make travel journeys for our customers as convenient as possible. We provide the same quality of service to all customers whether they book for an airport transfer, event, or sightseeing tour. We will always make your experience memorable for all types of trip

Nairobi Best Chauffeur Services

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Tazoom luxury chauffeur services are a leading provider of the most professional and comfortable transport services to and from locations in Nairobi. Our chauffeur service is fully registered.  We offer airport transfer, business, sightseeing, event and wedding transport. We readily provide the best experience for our customers. 

 Reasons to Book Tazoom Chauffeur Services

We stand out from other transport providers because we do everything to satisfy and elate our customers. We also ensure that they feel the value for the money they pay to us for chauffeurs services. Your booking and ride will be different because of the following factors. 

1.Simple accessibility  

It is hassle-free to make bookings.   We have a convenient website making selection of the preferred service and booking to be at your fingertips. Our website is well constructed to make it user-friendly and simple to navigate. We have put up the picture of the types of vehicles that make up our fleet. You will compare the rates and cars to choose one that suits your journey. On class customer support will immediately book the vehicle on the day you want to use it soon after you enter the details of your journey. 

2. Competitive service and prices  

 Many times we think about the price when searching for a service.  You might be hesitant to book for a luxury chauffeured vehicle because we provide it at an economical price. Our prices are within the range of our customers.  They have different price plans that suit a transport service that a client requires.  Airport transfer service is at a fixed but affordable rate because the trip is predictable.  We also have hourly and daily charges.  Hourly rates suit the customers who want to take a short trip while daily rates are suitable if you want the vehicle for longer trips or event that takes long. We do not have any hidden fees, so the customer pays an all inclusive price for a journey.    Customers can only pay extra if they extend the use of the vehicle beyond the paid time or a mishap that causes damage to the vehicle due to their fault. 

3. Reliable services  

We have trustworthy chauffeurs who have the right set of skills to handle any trip.   We hire drivers who have experience in driving passenger cars for the safety of our customers and customer relations skills because for services to delight the passengers.  The chauffeurs and vehicles have met all the legal requirements as well as comprehensively insured. There will be no alterations with the authorities due to lack of compliance. 

4. Enjoyable ride  

Our chauffeurs know the way to interact with customers and make them relax and feel comfortable in the car. They can start a conversation when necessary but mostly let the passengers ride quietly as many want to sit and relax. Others want to listen to music or connect to the wifi.  They allow the customers have peace in the activity that engages them during the ride. 

5. Punctuality  

We map our routes before the time that a chauffeur drives to pick a client taking any weather or road changes that might affect drivers and plan alternate routes when necessary. Careful planning enables us to have the vehicles ready to pick passengers by 15-20 minutes before the scheduled time. We never ruin plans by lateness unless there is a significant factor that is not in our control to change anything. 

Tazoom luxury chauffeur services have the right vehicle for whether you want a memorable ride or make a statement with your arrival. 





Online Chauffeur Services in Nairobi

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Tazoom, a luxury chauffeurs and vehicles provider, is ahead of other transporters because we provide luxurious comfortable car to fit the occasion in the hands of professional drivers.  

Advantage of Our Online Chauffeur Services

  Full-time access  

Since our services are online, you do not have to worry about business hours. You can access chauffeur services every day for 24 hours.  We confirm your booking for a short moment after receiving your request. You also find the rates quickly even when you are busy at work. You can book in time as short as 12 hours. It is an advantage for frequent travelers who want to make instant transport arrangements.  We use the details of your trip and schedule to arrange your trip matching exact specifications. 

Convenience for quick bookings 

Booking for chauffeur services online is more convenient than making frantic calls at the last minute. It also allows you to see the wide variety of vehicles that we offer and choose the one you prefer. It is crucial when planning your trip rather than get promises of cars that you cannot see.  You will make payments with your credit card to allow you the convenience of not carrying money in cash.  You can also make quick communication by live chat or sending an email. 

Why use our Online Chauffeur Services in Nairobi  

1.Wide variety of services 

We are specialist in chauffeur services of any kind. Provide us your arrangements and we will provide excellent transportation for any occasion, including: 

  • Airport transfers to multiple suburbs 
  • Corporate events
  • Sightseeing  
  • Weddings  
  • Special events

 We have the right package for the service you require because our payment plans are flexible.  You will pay per hour for our vehicle when you need to use it for a few hours. Daily rates apply when you require using the vehicle for a full day or more during longer trips.  The only service with the fixed cost is airport transfer because it is always the same. We pick the clients and drive them to their hotel or homes. The different price plans make our services cost efficient as customers pay only for the time they use our vehicles. 

2. Quality service 

We offer high-quality service from booking to transportation.  We have a well-trained team for attending to customers and drivers. Chauffeurs are the persons who spend more time with the customers, and we ensure they are up to the task. Each has a clean driving record and skilled to drive in different conditions, including erratic weather.  They also have customer relation skills because of impression matters. They have immaculate uniforms with our name and identification badges.  

 The chauffeurs have met all the legal licensing requirements. They know all the Nairobi routes and plan the most convenient for our passengers.  Our chauffeurs are employees of Tazoom limited who have undergone thorough screening and training. We do not hire contractors as we fear that they might not offer professional services to the standard that our customers deserve. 

3. Special treats  

We provide our customers with bottled water and any other light refreshments or newspapers they require. Some require close security team for their VIP or celebrities. Inform us in advance about your particular requirements, and we will fulfill them. 

Nairobi is a beautiful city, and we allow you to explore it without challenges of navigating the roads and traffic. It is even better if you are a visitor because our chauffeurs will take you through the routes where you can see the breathtaking scenery. Their knowledge of the city and outskirts makes them the best guides for sightseeing. We make your payment worthwhile by providing premium quality chauffeur services. 

Executive Taxi Services in Nairobi 

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Tazoom executive taxi services offer premium quality taxi transport in Nairobi and surrounding areas. We have become the best line of taxis because our fleet has fitting vehicles for the needs of our customers. We also serve the clients with respect and highest professionalism. We take care of every aspect of your journey and let you plan your day ahead. 

Why Hire Tazoom Executive Taxi Services in Nairobi

1. Easy booking  

You can quickly find our website and make your booking at your convenience even from a distance location. You can book for our taxi when in another country for airport transfer or use by other passengers in Nairobi, and we will avail the vehicle on time. You can even cancel a booking, and it will be free if you do it before 12 hours to the time of picking passengers. We offer premium service at extremely affordable prices. 

2. Professional drivers  

We have welcoming and experienced drivers with impeccable uniforms for simple identification. We are careful when recruiting so that we get only the best.  The newly hired drivers and those in service undergo regular training for them to offer the most professional services. We have fostered the culture of professionalism because all our drivers and other supporting staff are our employees and not independent contractors. Their service always adheres to our company policy of providing the safest, comfortable, and convenient taxi services in Nairobi. 

3. Comfortable vehicles for all purposes  

We have a fleet of luxury sedan cars and bigger vans for the customers who require a vehicle with a higher seating capacity. We have the best brands of cars and vans to fit the status of executive taxi services.   You can book from us with a guarantee that we will send a vehicle that allows you to travel in comfort and style that makes a statement when you receive at the destination.  We clean the vehicles thoroughly for, service and insured the comprehensively to guarantee safety as well as comfort. We even have on-site mechanics and spare cars for quick response if a vehicle develops a mechanical fault. 

4. Service for all occasions  

Tazoom executive taxi services have become extremely reliable as we have the right vehicle for various transport needs and destinations. We solve your transport needs for these instances: 

5. Corporate transfers and hire  

You can hire our taxi for an extended period to use for your corporate commuting at the best rates. You will pay daily and not per hour rates for the cost to be affordable. 

6. Business services  

We have a punctual team of chauffeurs to get customers to venues of their business meetings, exhibitions, conferences, and other formal occasions. We have served many international guests to Nairobi who came here for such occasions, and they expressed their satisfaction. 

7. Airport transfers  

We will treat you to executive class trip in luxury chauffeured vehicle when traveling to or from the airport.  Our drivers are punctual. They will not be late to pick up you and are at the agreed point at least 15 minutes before time. 

8. Special occasions  

We have luxury vehicles and customized approach that leaves a lasting impression for special events like weddings, anniversaries, concerts, and celebration, among others. We can even decorate a vehicle to match the theme of the event. 

9. Tours  

Our chauffeurs know the most scenic sites and drive along many as they can on the route to your destination. They can also suggest them for visitors who do not know any or drive on the most convenient roads when ferrying passengers to visit particular locations. Our SUVs enable comfortable riding for trips that require driving off the road. 

Tazoom Limited is your friend when searching for executive taxi services in Nairobi. We offer superior quality service and very competitive cost. 

Self Driven Taxis in Nairobi 

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Nairobi is an exciting city to visit whether your interest is to visit the national park, clubs, shopping malls, or restaurants.  There is so much to see in Nairobi, and because the locations are at different points of the large city, you need a convenient way to commute.  Tazoom Limited knows the precise way to take care of travel needs by providing self-driven taxis. We are extremely flexible. You can hire our self-driven taxi for hours, a day or a longer duration. 

Why Hire Self Driven Taxis in Nairobi 

1. Customer friendly service  

We have courteous customer relations team that attend to customers quickly and ensures they get a self-driven vehicle that fits their commuting needs.  Our website provides an insight into our service, the cost, fleet, and anything you might want to know about us.  You will know everything about our taxi business even before making a booking.  

2. Simple booking  

Booking a self-drive car at Tazoom is a simple procedure. We have a user-friendly online booking with a provision to communicate directly to us by phone, email, or live chat option on our website. We will make any clarifications you require from us and help you to plan trips. 

3. Affordable and flexible prices  

We are one of the most affordable self-driven taxi services. We know that the scheduling by our customers is different and have an allowance for customers to pay hourly or daily rates.  Hourly rates suit those who will drive our car for a few hours. Daily rates fit customers who want to have a car all day or longer.  We do not charge hidden costs. We declare every cost during the booking and anything in our terms of use that could ma a customer liable for compensation.   We try to make our service convenient and as affordable as possible. We will not ask for extra cost for late return of our vehicle due to proven events that are beyond their control. 

4. Convenient vehicle pickup  

We do not insist on the collection of vehicles from the usual parking. We make arrangements for the collection of a car at the most convenient location for our customer on request. You do not have to find other transport options to come and pick a self-driven taxi. Our driver will deliver it to your chosen location before the agreed time. 

5. Wide choice of vehicles and variety  

 Do not hire a car based on the views of other people.  We have a wide range of well-conditioned vehicles. We have vehicles with small and high seating capacity. We also have luxurious cars for city rides and those that can withstand off-road driving if, for instance, you have booked a game drive. We are not limited in the type of vehicles that customers can book from us. Al the cars are insured and in good order. There is no worry of a breakdown or likely damage of part due to wearing out. 

6. Appropriate insurance  

We have good insurance policies to cover the vehicle and driver comprehensively. They are essential if, by ill-luck, an accident occurs when the vehicle has the customer.  The insurance cover protects the customer from arising troubles and any damage that might occur to the car. 

The service of self-driven taxis in Nairobi provides vehicles for all occasions. They are immaculate for trips to business, leisure, or special occasion events. 

Travel Companies in Nairobi 

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Tazoom is among the leading travel companies in Nairobi because we put the needs of the customers first. A travel company will cater for all your transport needs in Nairobi even if you are a total stranger. 

 Role of Travel companies in Nairobi  

We will make arrangements for you to always be at your destined place on time and reach there in comfort. Inform us about where you are going, the activities you wish to engage in, and the period you plan to stay.  We will put up sample travel plans for you describing the approximate cost. You can also provide us with your budget, and we will use it to customize traveling conveniently while accommodating your considerations. 

Why use Travel companies in Nairobi 

1. Convenience  

We are one of the convenient travel companies because we have a user-friendly website for customers to find our services quickly. You can interact with us, look at our packages, make choices, and pay for a booking. Online services enable our customers to access our services round the clock and from any location. It also saves you the trouble of carrying the money for travel expenses as you will pay with your credit card for our services. We do not restrict customers to transact within particular hours. 

2. Travel assistance

Traveling at times runs into unexpected happenings that interrupt the schedule. If you have chosen Tazoom to be your travel company, we will provide all the assistance such as rebooking. We give personalized attention referring to travel schedule for guidance.   We make the necessary plans for picking you at the airport and dropping you to the booked hotel when you fly from outside Kenya. We will monitor your flight to know in good time if there is a delay and make alternate arrangements to reduce the effects of lateness. You may timely but find something is not right at your destination. We resolve the issues such as unacceptable rooms and other inconveniences at the shortest time possible.

3. Saves time and money  

If you are not familiar with the best sites to see in Nairobi, we will save you the time to make searches.   We will inform you about the nice spots, and you will choose those that meet your taste.  We will do the groundwork to find out about requirements for visitors, entry fee, and interesting things to see. We have access to most of this information and can send instantly. It is also a plus for our clients because we know about promotions, packages and discount offers at their preferred destination to help them save money.   

4. Variety of vehicles 

Most of the travelers want a convenient way to move around Nairobi without encountering large crowds and delays of public transport. We have the most convenient and comfortable vehicles. We have luxury cars for 1-3 passengers and vans for up to 7 passengers. We can also provide a smaller or large bus if the booking is for a large group.  Most of Nairobi road network has tarmac, but we have off-road vehicles if you will be visiting places without smooth road surface.  Our vehicles are in good condition, spotlessly clean, and insured.  

 5. Polite and knowledgeable chauffeurs 

We have experienced chauffeurs who hold offer courteous service to the customers, drive them safely, and even help to carry luggage.  They are also punctual because our policy is to take customers to their destination on time. The drivers know all parts of the city, and when time permits, they use routes where passengers can some of scenic spots. 

Tazoom Limited is the place to make a booking when searching for travel companies in Nairobi as you have a guarantee of getting customized service.

Airport Transfer Chauffeur Services in Nairobi

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You usually arrive at the airport with jet lag and luggage. Even on short trips, your mind is not focused on driving, especially   the Nairobi traffic that can be unusually heavy. Other times you are expecting a group of visitors who cannot fit into your car. It is such situations that create a need airport transport chauffeur services. Tazoom Limited knows the trouble that people can through when planning about transportation logistics from the airport and offers the solution in form or transfer to the last destination. We also accept bookings for transfers to the airport for those going to the airport. 

Why Use Airport transfer chauffeur services in Nairobi 

There are several airport transfer services, but these are the qualities that make us different from others. 

1. Pick up by professional chauffeurs  

A chauffeur plays the most crucial part in ensuring you get a safe and comfortable transit from the airport to your destination. We have well educated, trained, and skilled chauffeurs who know the way to meet customers with courtesy.   

We know it feels bad when a customer lands only to be met by a disinterested chauffeur who does not engage you.  It is the reason we train our team to provide polite service.  Trust us to send you a chauffeur who will receive you with a smile before directing you from the terminal while carrying your luggage to the vehicle.    

When driving the chauffeur will engage you in friendly conversation to make you relax, offer bottled water, and show scenic sites on the route if you are new to Nairobi.  Other times they just keep quiet and play relaxing music because they can easily tell when a passenger looks tired and needs a relaxed ride or reading through notes when heading to a meeting.  

2. Competitive price  

We charge competitive prices that customers can afford.  We may not be the lowest, but the service that you get is worth your pay.    Our prices do not have hidden cost that we do not declare when you are making a booking. Making payments for a booking is hugely convenient. We offer online booking and accept payment by credit card after you fill your personal and trip details.  

3. Luxurious transfer vehicles  

We extend the relaxing atmosphere of the plane and airport to our vehicles. We provide you a vehicle that gives you a comfy ride. We are keen to make the ride as luxurious as possible to meet the requirements of the customers. Together with luxury, we also take the trouble or meeting the needs of the clients. We have a wide choice of vehicles in our fleet to fit a lone traveler and those who are traveling in small or large groups. We allow our customers to choose the vehicle they want from our fleet of sedans, SUVs, vans, and light buses. We also offer transfer services for VIPs and celebrities who might require special vehicles like limos or luxury sedans with decoration such as a flag to depict the theme of the moment. 

4. Punctuality  

Tazoom understands the importance of stress-free transfer. We guarantee our customers that our chauffeurs are punctual and will be the agreed meeting point at least a quarter an hour before time. You can fly in peace that you will find a chauffeur waiting for you.  A driver will wait for a client while holding a name sign up at the agreed meeting point.  We notify you of any changes due to special features or order at the airport by email and text message. You can also link your flight number to the reservation when making a booking for us to know when it is near landing or delayed.  The flight number also makes the chauffeur know the anticipated exit of luggage claims. 

Choosing airport transfer services requires much consideration. Tazoom Limited provides top-notch airport transfer chauffeur services in Nairobi. 

Online Chauffeur Booking Services

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There is a time when the most convenient option is to use chauffeur services to get across town for work, meetings, tour, and special occasion and to or from the airport. It saves you from running late. 

Sometimes finding the right provider is a challenge. Tazoom luxury chauffeur services have made it convenient to book and ride on time in comfort. We offer a customer friendly chauffeur services in Nairobi city and surrounding metropolitan regions.  You can do your booking and payment online. 

Advantages of Online Chauffeur Booking Services  

1. Economical  

Many taxis and chauffeur services cost more when you hire a vehicle for an instant ride.  You have no option because it is almost time to be at your destination.  Online booking is cheaper because there is no urgency and high demand for the service. You will pay a price that is within the market average.  It is no use making a rush last minute order when you already aware of the itinerary.    

At Tazoom chauffeurs you can make a booking from 12 hours onwards. Advanced booking enables the chauffeurs and their company to plan the most convenient route to the destination for early arrival. It prevents instances such as spending more hours on the road beyond the time of hiring a car due to situations that cause traffic gridlock. 

Everything concerning prices is on display when a booking takes place on an online platform.  You will see everything, including discounts on offer.  When you flag down a taxi on the road, there cannot be a discount. 

2. Convenient to book anytime  

 The biggest advantage that online chauffeur booking services provide is that it allows booking at any moment. You can book for services online at your most convenient time even at night with a computer and internet connection.  Mobile apps are now making online booking even more straightforward as you can do it when on the move. Some platforms also have the first preference route by the chauffeur service for monitoring. 

3. Clarity  

Online booking does not leave any confusion to price or itinerary. The reputable brands like Tazoom chauffeurs give you a guarantee that the vehicle you choose will be at the agreed meeting point indicated when booking online.  You can also check the status of the booking on the same platform you used to book to be sure that it is active. You can also see the display of service plans such as fixed, hourly, and daily charges for you to determine the most suitable for your needs. 

4. Saves time  

Booking online saves much time because you will not queue.  It is a procedure to complete instantly without waiting for others to finish their booking like in the traditional model. 

5. Fleet is on display  

You can check the type and models of vehicles that a chauffeur service offers as the decent companies always have them on their website.  You can check the one that fits your transport needs. For instance, you can gauge if the chauffeur service provider has vans when you have a group of passengers with luggage to travel with or the availability of luxury sedans for riding to an occasion. 

6. Customer testimonials  

When chauffeur booking services are online, you can determine the experience of past customers by reading testimonials and reviews. You can gauge if the reviews are accurate. For instance, you can check the response time to know if reviews saying a chauffeur service is responsive are accurate. 

The modern trend is to do most activities and transactions online, and this includes bookings.  Online chauffeur booking services have helped to create the convenience and transparency that customers desire when finding essential services.